International Women's Day Recap

April 05, 2019

International Women's Day Recap

On March­­ 8, 2019, people around the world celebrated International Women’s Day to commemorate social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Women play a vital role in Fair Trade and make up a significant proportion of workers and farmers, particularly in the textile and handicrafts sector. Many laws regarding women’s rights exist worldwide, however current factors prevent women from exercising their rights. Fair Trade businesses show that recognizing that women are change agents and key economic actors in society and the family is key to achieving gender equality. The World Fair Trade Organization published a study about Business Models that Empower Women: Insights and Inspiration from Fair Trade Enterprises. The report begins by stating:

"If you are a woman working for a Fair Trade enterprise you are four times as likely to achieve a senior management position, become CEO or join the Board than you would be working for a conventional business. Much more than this, if you are a woman working or producing for a Fair Trade enterprise, you will be recognized, you will be counted, your rights will be respected, you will be visible and your voice will be heard. Fair Trade enterprises have gender equality and women’s economic empowerment at the heart of what they do, believing that we will never achieve sustainable development if women’s full potential is not realized."

Women in Conventional Businesses compared to Social Enterprises

World Fair Trade Organization

Green Banana Paper Employee Feature: Mia Neth

Mia NethMia’s voice and smile flow through the Green Banana Paper factory. As the Order Fulfillment and Customer Service Manager, she ensures all of the products that are shipped from the factory are high quality and customers are contacted in a timely manner. At home, Mia enjoys playing with her young children.

What are you proud of in regards to your work?
“I am proud that I’m able to financially support my family and no longer depend on husband for financial support. I’m also proud that I have an opportunity to be part of preserving and saving our planet by working for Green Banana Paper making eco-friendly products.” 

What was your situation before you started working for Green Banana Paper?
“I was an inexperienced housewife and was depending on the husband’s money and other immediate relatives.”

How did you learn about Green Banana Paper? Who brought you in?
“I learned everything about Green Banana Paper once my boss’s friend took me in to be part of the team.” 

What do you love about your work?
“I love my colleagues that are dedicated and supportive, which produces a family environment. I love the teamwork and how we support each other. I love the whole experience, creativity, and seeing how our efforts and dedication make us grow globally and internationally.” 

How has working here impacted your life / your family / your community?
“Working here makes me feel matured and independent. It also taught me how to approach other people.”

What do you hope to achieve in the future?
“My dream is to be able to build a nice house for me and my family. With this job, I'm almost there!!” 

Fair Trade champions gender equality through women leadership and economic empowerment. Join us today. 

Green Banana Paper  World Fair Trade Organization

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