Warranty - Green Banana Paper
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Is there a warranty?

Yes, we offer a FREE 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty to all customers who register within 21 days of purchase.  Make sure you REGISTER HERE to receive your free warranty.

We stand by our product and we want you to be happy with the craftsmanship and longevity of your wallet.  You can read our RETURN POLICY for instructions in case you need to return your wallet to us.  

Though our wallet may get a little wear and tear after some time, these things reveal more beauty and character in the piece - just like us as we get older and age like a fine wine.  Fibers start to magically fluff out from the paper, designs are enhanced by the worn-in textures, and corners become rounded edges.  

Will it last you forever?  Nope.  It's not meant to.  It's not a piece of carbon fiber or aluminum or animal skin dipped in chromium.  It's just banana fiber.  How long it will last will depend on you.  We recommend treating your wallet nicely, let it dry off if it gets wet, don't overstuff it, and reapply a little wax every couple months to help protect the fibers. 

We hope this wallet will become very personal.  As long as it has a meaning to you, you'll take care of it and cherish the memories and stories attached to it. 

Manufacturer's Warranty covers defective products that are no longer functional due to flaws in manufacturing.  The warranty provides a maximum of one replacement per purchase.