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Green Banana Eco-Leather Men's Bifold Wallet Tribal Green

Introducing the new TRIBAL wallet!


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About Our Wallets
About Our Wallets

by Green Banana Paper 3 Comments

Not your average leather or slim wallet. Read more about our durable, eco-friendly, vegan wallets made out of recycled banana trees.
Our Impact
Our Impact

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Sustainable, eco-friendly Pacific island paper that is creating jobs and supporting over 100 families, local farmers, and employees.  Green Banana Paper is making a big impact on the island of Kosrae, Micronesia.
Meet Our Staff
Meet Our Staff

by Green Banana Paper 2 Comments

Meet the Green Banana Paper team. Our amazing staff are becoming world-class artisan paper-makers, designers, printers, sewers and craftspeople. We couldn't be more proud of them!


"Every time I pull it out of my pocket, someone asks me about it."  - Luke L.
"Artists at work!  They take so much pride in what they do.  A beautiful product using natural resources on the island.  Passion and beauty... that is what I saw."  - Labglit