6th Annual Pacific Ink and Art Expo August 2017 - Green Banana Paper
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6th Annual Pacific Ink and Art Expo August 2017

by Green Banana Paper

6th Annual Pacific Ink and Art Expo August 2017



6th Annual Pacific Ink and Art Expo (Hawaii Tattoo Expo) 2017



The Pacific Ink & Art Expo (PIAE) is holding their 6th annual tattoo and pacific island art exposition in August 2017. Featuring some of the biggest names in the industry, the 3-day expo is a family friendly event with something for everyone.

Whether you are attending to get your first tattoo, finally finish that sleeve or just want to see talented artists demonstrate their craft, come and enjoy Music, Food, Hula, Tattoos, Art and more.

Nice to see all the different artists. Got my first professional tattoo, and it was a great experience. Made it so easy to find the right fit for me. I'm super happy with what I got. And so appreciative for an event like this, as it made it all so easy!! - Heather Roxanne



August 2017

Fri Aug 4th: 2PM-11PM

Sat Aug 5th: 12PM-11PM

Sun Aug 6th: 11AM-6PM



Blaisdell Expo Hall

777 Ward Ave

Honolulu, HI 96814

Oahu Island



Full ticketing information is not yet available, stay tuned with the Pacific Ink & Art Expo Facebook Page @HawaiiTattooExpo for more info.

Kids 12 and under get in FREE!

Artist and Vendor registration is closed, public ticketing information to come.



Come check out the Green Banana Paper booth any day of the expo and see our featured sustainable and vegan banana fiber paper wallets. We will be debuting Polynesian inspired tribal designs and new products.


Qualifications and Safety: 

100% Licensed, Regulated & Professional

All artists are licensed in the State of Hawaii to tattoo at PIAE events


More Info:

Check out this short video to see how things went at the Maui event in April 2017!


Green Banana Paper
Green Banana Paper


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