Pure Banana Coconut Glue (3-pack)

Pure rolling paper glue for the perfect seal, handmade in Micronesia.

5ml of organic three-ingredient smoke-safe glue—plenty for a pack of papers. Each glue bottle can easily seal 40 – 60 papers with conservative use.

Gumless papers are a little different, but anybody can master the art. When it comes time to seal your roll, use a bead of Coconut Glue made from rainwater, coconut oil, and acacia powder. If you’re planning on sharing a smoke with others, our glue is a more hygienic option.

    1. Made with coconut oil, acacia powder and filtered rainwater
    2. Complete the seal on your gumless papers with just a dab of glue
    3. Easy to use with one-handed applicator tip and screw top
    4. 3 bottles of 5ml Coconut Glue
    5. Rolling papers sold separately
    6. Sustainably & Ethically Made in Micronesia
  • Straight from the Source:
    Farmers deliver banana trees to our factory directly after harvesting the fruit. We extract the pure fibers, boil to sanitize, craft into paper, and then let it dry in the breezy tropical air. No additives. It's simply banana fibers and water.

    How To Roll Gumless Papers:
    Gumless papers are a little different, but anybody can master the art. Grind up your herb, tightly roll a crutch, and tear out a Pure Banana paper. Place the crutch on one side and evenly spread our herb. Gently roll with your fingertips.
    When you're ready to seal it shut with your Coconut Glue.
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