Tattoo Coloring Book


About the Coloring Book

20 Amazing Sea Creatures are included in this very special Tattoo Coloring Book set.  Each page comes loose-leaf so it's easy to separate and showcase your colorful artistic creations.  

Choose between cardstock and handmade banana paper.  Cardstock is white in color and more affordable.  Banana paper is made from a mix of recycled paper and banana fibers handmade by the Green Banana team here in Kosrae.  

You can use colored pencil, markers, crayons, watercolor, oil or acrylic paint to give these tattoos some color!

About the Artist

Having begun drawing as a small child in his native Tuvalu, John is a professional tattoo artist who also carves whalebone and trucus shell jewelry, paints on canvas and any other surface he sees fit.

His art comes from the cultures in which he has lived and traveled including the Marshall Islands, Hawaii and Canada.

He spends a lot of time in the ocean spearfishing and finds great inspiration from life on a Pacific island: the sea, the land and the sky.  Placing tattoos on people that reinforce or even elevate their cultural pride is extremely satisfying to John.  

Having been a tattoo artist for over 20 years, his artistic range brings him from Polynesian and Micronesian styles to contemporary American and more 'western' style tattooing.

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